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Academic Achievement Awards (AAA)


High School Leaver
Indigenous Australians
available for 1 year
Aus Citizen / Aus Permanent Resident
See below

These Awards are provided to encourage academically gifted local Higher School Certificate (HSC) or equivalent students from NSW and ACT high schools to undertake undergraduate study at UNSW.

The Academic Achievement Award (AAA) comprises:

  • Three bonus points (included in the maximum total bonus points) for entry into an undergraduate degree program at UNSW, except for Medicine (42800 BMed MD) and Co-op programs
  • Payment of $4,000 following confirmation of full-time enrolment at UNSW

This award can be deferred for up to 2 years, if the offer of Admission is formally deferred and the student does not undertake any other tertiary study in the meantime.

The AAA cannot be held in conjunction with a UNSW Scientia Scholarship, Student Achievement Award (SAA) or Rural Student Achievement Award (RSA).

Payment of the $4,000 is made only if students are enrolled in a full-time undergraduate degree program at UNSW, as at Census date (31 March) in the year awarded.


AAA offers will be made by UNSW to students that achieve the highest ATAR (not including bonus points) at NSW and ACT high schools, excluding TAFE, and accept an offer and enrol at UNSW in a full-time Undergraduate program.

Eligible recipients will receive initial notification via their UNSW Guaranteed Entry page.


AAA's are automatically offered by UNSW based on Australian Year 12 results for students applying for admission via UAC commencing Semester 1, 2018. UNSW must be at least one of the applicant's UAC preferences, as at ATAR release date, in order to be considered.

AAA offers will be made by UNSW to students that achieve the highest ATAR (not including bonus points) at NSW and ACT high schools.

Multiple students from the same high school may be made an offer.

Further Information

You do not need to submit a Scholarship application to be considered for this Scholarship. However applicants will need to submit a UAC Undergraduate Admission application

Eligible candidates will be identified through their UAC application.

Interviews are not required for this Scholarship.