High School Leavers & Future Students Scholarships for 2020

16 Dec 2019

Merit Scholarships

Merit scholarship applications for high school leavers and future students have closed. Results will be released progressively from 17 December 2019. Log in to your Scholarships Profile to view the status of your scholarship application!

Missed the application deadline?

Some scholarships don’t require an application as the scholarship will be awarded based on a combination of your results and your offer of admission or study area, e.g. the Scientia Scholarship and the Academic Achievement Award (AAA). These scholarships are listed on the Scholarships website and we will notify you by email if you have received a scholarship offer.

Equity Scholarships

Equity scholarships assist students who may experience financial or other educational disadvantage with the costs of tertiary study and help them reach their academic potential.

Applicants wanting to be considered for a UNSW Equity Scholarship must submit a UAC Equity Scholarship (ES) application and/or UAC Educational Access Scheme (EAS) application directly to UAC. UNSW participates in many rounds, so by submitting an application now, you may be offered a scholarship at any time up until March 2020.

Apply for Equity Scholarships via UAC by Offers released
Sunday 15 December 2019 Tuesday 24 December
Thursday 2 January 2020 Monday 13 January


Frequently Asked Questions


When will I know the outcome of my application?

Merit scholarship offers will be made progressively from December 17 onwards.

Equity scholarship offers will be made on Tuesday 24 December (December Round 2) and Monday 13 January (January Round 1).

Log in to your Scholarships Profile to view your scholarship status.

Can I defer my scholarship?

Most scholarships cannot be deferred. If you are choosing to defer your program (e.g. to take a gap year) and you have received an offer of a UNSW Scholarship you will need to email UNSW Scholarships to ask if your scholarship can be deferred.

Can I hold multiple scholarship offers concurrently?

If you have received multiple scholarships you will need to email UNSW Scholarships to ask which can be held concurrently.

For more FAQs, please visit our FAQs page.