Elite Athlete, Performers and Leaders Program


The Elite Athlete, Performers and Leaders Program is currently under review


If you are an elite athlete with an enquiry please email eap@unsw.edu.au

If you are an elite performer or leader requiring assistance with your studies, please contact your course convener or apply for special consideration


What is an Elite Athlete?

An elite athlete is a student who is defined as such by the Australian Sports Commission in the Elite Athlete Friendly University Agreement.
Elite performers will have participated in or are participating in significant national or international productions, competitions or events. Areas include theatre, music, drama and dance.
A leader is a student who has demonstrated excellence through academic merit or leadership and is currently engaged in activities associated with leadership. These can include academic Olympiad competitors, debaters and students who can demonstrate strong leadership capabilities.

How is an Elite Athlete Identified?

Students can be identitfied as EAP Students by completing the EAPL form below. Elite Athletes can also be identified through an Elite Athlete or Sports Scholarship application.

Benefits of the Program

Elite Athletes may receive support from UNSW in the below areas:

  • Flexibility to tailor academic study load and timetables to integrate with performing or sporting commitments
  • Access to distance education materials, and/or class notes for missed lectures, tutorials or practicals
  • Extension of minimum time to complete courses due to periods of decreased study load
  • Leave of absence where required due to increased commitments, e.g. Olympic Games, University Debating Competitions, orchestral and other performances
  • Cross-institutional study options with interstate universities, and flexibility within this policy provided for students (e.g. a first year student may be eligible and flexibility may be available for the number of courses able to be completed by cross institutional study)
  • Ability to swap between distance education mode (if appropriate) and on campus mode, depending on commitments
  • Assessment deadlines can be altered based on related travel commitments
  • Possibility to sit exams externally under exam conditions
  • Minimum attendance at lectures, tutorials or practicals waived where student is unavailable due to related commitments and where this is negotiated in advance with the relevant course or program authority
More Information

EAP status will remain valid for 12 months and you will need to re-apply each year for re-admission to keep your status valid. You will be required to attach supporting documents to your application to verify your elite level of achievement or selection to attend an upcoming event.

You may be eligible for travel grants for international competitions and subsides for attending the Australian or World University Games. You may also be eligible for a sports scholarship, please click here to search and apply.


For more information please contact eap@unsw.edu.au.