Gail Kelly Global Leaders Scholarship (Outbound)

Gail Kelly Global Leaders Scholarship (Outbound)


High School Leaver
Indigenous Australians
1 Scholarship(s) available for 1 year
Aus Citizen / Aus Permanent Resident

Please note that this scholarship is for UNSW students looking to go on exchange to the University of Cape Town only. If you are a student at the University of Cape Town wishing to go on exchange to UNSW, then you will need to apply through the Inbound Scholarship.

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide an opportunity for Australian and South African students to further develop their potential and strengthen their leadership skills through participation in the international exchange program.

Students will be required to undertake official exchange to the University of Cape Town through the UNSW Exchange Program. In addition to the international exchange experience, the scholarship will also offer the successful candidate the opportunity to be mentored by Gail Kelly.

Students will receive a stipend payment prior to departure on proof of international exchange acceptance to the University of Cape Town, South Africa. A proportion of which may be paid against the students on campus accommodation fees at the University of Cape Town for one (1) Semester. The remaining funds will be used for living and study related expenses over the semester.


    To be eligible, applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be currently enrolled in a UNSW eligible degree program; AND
  • Be eligible to apply for a minimum of one (1) semester of study on exchange in the Faculty of Commerce, University of Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Be eligible for an official UNSW Exchange program*.

*Applications for semester 1 will close in May of the previous year. Applications for semester 2 will close in October of the previous year.


Each applicant will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate:

  • Academic merit
  • Demonstrated leadership potential
  • Ability to demonstrate how the candidate will contribute to the Australian/ South African business community
  • Interviews
    Interviews are not required.